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Womens Softball

Rec Player Sorting Process


To make all teams as balanced as possible by using rating data of returning players of the Badgerland Softball League and other NAGAAA rated leagues while creating a random system that allows for teams to be compiled with minimal outside influence. 


In the recreational division, all players register as “Free Agents”. The Badgerland Membership Committee then uses a draft system to form teams based on skill level with the goal of making teams as balanced as possible. No team registrations will be allowed. 


The Membership Committee will post the time and place of player selection in advance so coaches may be in attendance. 


The Membership Committee will consider league ratings, existing NAGAAA/ASANA ratings, assessment from skill building clinics, and/or player survey.  Using a random selection of the pool of registered players, teams will be compiled in a manner that results in minimum outside influence. 


  1.  Teams (coaches) will be randomly drawn from a pool to determine player selection order.

  2. The order will follow a “snake” drawn format. For example, if there are five teams, the order would be: Round 1- ABCDE, Round 2- EDCBA, Round 3- ABCDE and continue until selections are complete. 

  3. All players will be grouped into pools based on their ratings. Ex. All 10s together, all 9s together, and so on. Pitchers will be grouped together in their own pool. 

  4. New and unrated players: 

    1. At registration, all new and unrated players will be sent a survey asking them to rate their previous playing experience and estimated skill level. 

    2. All new and unrated players will be grouped into pools of like experience levels and distributed across the teams as equally as possible in random order. 

  5. Pitcher Selection- The Membership Committee will place the highest rated pitcher with the lowest rated team and continue this this process until all pitchers are assigned.  

  6. Exceptions to random draw: 

    1. A player may request to participate on the same team as another player for various reasons. These requests are known as “tie-ins”.

      1. Tie-in requests need to be submitted at the time of registration and documented on both registration forms

      2. Special consideration will be given to players whose “tie-in” is a partner/significant other. 

      3. Special consideration will be given to players whose “tie-in” is a ride or car-pooling situation. 

      4. Tie-ins are considered on a case-by-case basis and not in conjunction with other tie in requests.

      5. Tie-in players are grouped together and placed into the pool based on the highest rating of the 2 players. If one of the tie-ins is a pitcher, the group will be placed into the pitching group as the pitcher is priority.

  7. Order of Selection: 

    1. Coaches

    2. Rated players from highest to lowest

    3. Pitchers

    4. Unrated players based on reported skill levels from highest to lowest

[From Section 2.1 of Code of Conduct and Standard Operating Procedure]

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