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The Badgerland Classic Tournment was started in 2008 as the Felicia Melton-Smyth (FMS) Memorial Tournment. Felicia was a well known trans activisit from Madison, Wisconsin who's life was tragically cut short while on vacation in Mexico. Learn more about Felicia here. The tournment was renamed the Badgerland Classic to better connect with the League and the FMS Spirit Award was added to the tournment structure. Hosting over a dozen teams in the D & C division, the tournment continues to grow each year with expansion focused on both C division and the new E division. 

Past Results


D Division (11 teams)

Champion - Iowa City Dirty Divas
1st Runner-Up - Big Mini Blues
2nd Runner-Up - Tampa Bay Aces

E Division (4 teams)

Champion - Milwaukee 4-1-Force
1st Runner-Up - Iowa City Undaunted
2nd Runner-Up - Madison Mad Dogs

D Division (10 teams)

Champion - Iowa City Dirty Divas
1st Runner-Up - Milwaukee Balls Deep
2nd Runner-Up - Des Monies Fury 

E Division (4 teams)

Champion - Madison Mad Dogs
1st Runner-Up - Milwaukee Brew Crew
2nd Runner-Up - Iowa City Undaunted

C Division (8 teams)

Champion - Milwaukee Arch Nemesis
1st Runner-Up - Milwaukee Nemesis
2nd Runner-Up - Chicago Ball Fondlers

D Division (8 teams)

Champion - Chicago Lark Tater Tots
1st Runner-Up - Des Moines Fury
2nd Runner-Up - Milwaukee Sandlot Ballas


10 teams

D Division

Champion - Milwaukee Scraps
1st Runner-Up - Iowa City Dirty Divas
2nd Runner-Up - Madison Fireballs



No Tournament Hosted


16 teams

C Division

Champion - Missouri Mayhem
1st Runner-up - Madison Big Cheese
2nd Runner-up - Chicago icandee Smash Brothers

D Division

Champion - Chicago Sidetrack Shade

1st Runner-up - Iowa City Dirty Divas
2nd Runner-up - Madison Fireballs


19 teams

C Division

Champion - Chicago Sidetrack Black Widows
1st Runner-up - Milwaukee Arch Nemesis
2nd Runner-up - Chicago Smash Bros

D Division

Champion - Chicago Sidetrack Shade

1st Runner-up - Kansas City I’d Hit That
2nd Runner-up - Madison Fireballs


19 teams

C Division

Champion - Chicago Sidetrack Black Widows
1st Runner-up - Chicago Windy City Crew
2nd Runner-up - Chicago Instant Replay

D Division

Champion - Chicago Sidetrack Shade

1st Runner-up - Kansas City/Twin Cities TBD's
2nd Runner-up - Twin Cities Racers


15 teams

C Division

Champion - Chicago Black Widows
1st Runner-up - Madison Big Cheese
2nd Runner-up - Milwaukee Stingers

D Division

Champion - Chicago Fire Softball Team

1st Runner-up - Des Moines Master Batters
2nd Runner-up - Kansas City Express


6 competitive teams, 5 recreational teams, and 6 women's teams

Competitive Division

Champion - Coliseum Bar (Madison)

1st Runner-up - Cupid's Pure Awesomeness (Madison)

2nd Runner-up - Fluid (Milwaukee)


Recreational Division

Champions - Ball Busters (Madison) &  Meat Locker (Madison)

2nd Runner-up - Blue Crush (Madison)

Women's Division

Champion - Hot Properties (Minn/St.Paul)

1st Runner-up - Kode (Madison)

2nd Runner-up - Missfits (Madison)


No Tournament Hosted


5 competitive teams and 8 recreational teams

Competitive Division

Champion - WOOF'S Madd Dawgs

1st Runner-up - Players
2nd Runner-up - Line Drive

Recreational Division

Champion - MGAC Scream & Chicago Spin

2nd Runner-up - Out Queens



8 competitive teams and 3 women's teams

Competitive Division

Champion - Wiggie's

1st Runner-up Madd Dawgs

2nd Runner-up Clubbers

Women's Division

Champion - Milwaukee Nut Hut

1st Runner-up - L Team

2nd Runner-up - Short Cuts

Cheese Cup Winners


2024 - Madison Big Cheese

2023 - Madison Big Cheese

2022 - Iowa City Dirty Divas

2021 - Madison Wildfire

2019 - Chicago Swallows

2018 - Chicago JOX

2017 - Milwaukee Screwballs

2016 - Chicago JOX

FMS Spirit Award Recipients


2024 - Madison Axolotls (E)

2023 - Milwaukee Brew Crew

2022 - Des Moines Fury
2021 - Iowa City Dirty Divas

2019 - Madison Skittles

2018 - Kansas City I’d Hit That

2017 - Madison Big Cheese

2016 - Chicago Fire Softball Team

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