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Hall of Fame Information



The purpose of the Badgerland Softball League Hall of Fame is to provide a historical perspective and perpetuate the history of gay softball and the Badgerland Softball League.



Anyone, living or deceased, who has been associated with Badgerland Softball for a minimum of 7 years is eligible for nomination to the Hall Of Fame.  This includes players, managers, coaches, scorekeepers, umpires, sponsors and fans.  Nominees should have made significant contributions to the Badgerland Softball League.



Applications for Nominations to the Badgerland Softball League Hall of Fame shall be submitted via the Hall of Fame Nomination online application, below, by July 15th of each year.  Applications may be submitted by any person who is familiar with the candidate.  The Badgerland Softball League Secretary along with the living members of the Hall of Fame Committee will prepare a ballot with the names of all nominees and will submit the ballot to the voting members within 30 days of the deadline for nominations.  

Voting members will have 30 days from the date the ballots are distributed to return them to the Secretary of Badgerland Softball League.  In 2020, we are requesting the ballots be returned by Wednesday, September 16th.  The voting member may vote for as many of the nominees as he or she wishes.  A nominee must be selected by two-thirds (2/3) of the votes cast to become a member of the Badgerland Softball League Hall of Fame.  The Badgerland Softball League Secretary will tabulate the results of the voting, and notify the nominees, Badgerland Softball Board of Directors, and the living Hall of Fame members of the results.

Online Application - Nominations Close July 15 every year. 



Voting members shall consist of the living elected members of the Badgerland Softball Hall of Fame.  When there are less than 12 living elected members, the Board of Directors will also serve as part of the voting body.

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